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For further information about Communicating By Design, our services and products, please send an e-mail to

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For technical problems, such as difficulties loading and viewing a page or an encounter with broken links, please send an e-mail to the site webmaster at

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We use cloaked addresses on this page to discourage spam, which is becoming a real headache for those of us who run websites. Unfortunately, the cloaked addresses do get corrupted sometimes. If you click on one of the above mailto: links, and a nonsensical alphanumeric address displays in your e-mail client, the cloaking function is no longer working. In such cases, you can contact us directly by typing the appropriate address (given a graphic presentation above, so as to prevent spammer robots from reading it) directly into your browser’s e-mail program.

Because we are a private consultancy with no brick-and-mortar structures to our name, telephone numbers and addresses for the principals involved cannot be disseminated over the Web. E-mail is the preferred means of initial contact, not just for reasons of privacy and security, but also so that we can limit the number of interruptions during working hours.

Communicating by design often requires long bouts of intense concentration. Most days, e-mail doesn’t get checked until the successful conclusion of one of these sessions. So please be patient. Chances are pretty good that you’re not going to ever get an instant response from us.

We approach this, as we do all of our communications projects: in the spirit of festina lente.

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